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Justin Bieber

Written on July 1, 2016   By   in Singers

Entertainment industry is magnetizing the most preceding initiating industry.  Celebrities are not familiar for their performance or talents they are famous because of luxurious lifestyle. Nowadays social media play very burning role in this field, which have designed lots of area for stars to display their talent to the audience or public. The entertainer and artist are enacting in human lives. Actors are getting substantial because of regard in public. Superstars cannot develop and created in any factory they are born with wonderful talent because of God gifted. There are numbers of singers and heroes who entertain us of their movies and songs. Hollywood cinemas are becoming very popular now in India also. We can see so many singers in this industry who are doing best of his own. I personally like to listen sometime English tracks. As we know very well singing and music are very important for everyone life, so we should thankful to all artist and musician whether Hollywood and bollywood. Behind the success of every singer are hard work and supportive function. Success always come in small packets…there is no any shortcut or hard and fast rule to success, hard work is key to success. Even the celebrities have to do hard work for getting triumph. Long list of celebrities is not less that got success and made the name in the world. Some of them got prosperity later in their life and a few of personality master Justin Bieber who makes his name in music industry and earn name and fame in the music world in very small age.

Justin Drew Bieber born on 1st march in 1994 in London Ontario Canada. As we know very well he is very good singer but few of the people know about his writing talent, so he writes his own songs also. He liberate his famous inception EP my world in late 2009. It was verified platinum in US. He became first artist to have seven son from a debuted record chart on billboard hot 100. He launched his First full length studio album my world 2.0 in 2010, certified triple platinum in US. It was preceded by his most successful single to date Baby. His other albums are my world acoustic and never say never do most like in youth. He ransoms his second studio album under the mistakes toe in 2011. After that he rescues his 3rd studio collections believe in 2012. Fourth purpose was released in November 2015. His US index and single total 44.7 million. Now we are discussing about his personal life, he identifies himself as a faithful adherent of christianly said he communicated with God via prayer and that the reason I am here. He reflect his faith in a music video with Brandon burke title pledge. American music award for artist of year in 2010 and 2012. He got best dance recording for song where you are now at 2016 ceremony.

However, he was listed three times by Forbes magazine among top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world in 2011, 2012 and 2013. His tracks is generally pop while he also incorporates element of R and B. He was citied the beetles Stevie wonder, Michael Jackson, boyz11, Mariah cury. Usher as his musical inspiration. Beside from his career as a musician he has ventured into world of the business as well as social norms. For tech companies, he has become an angle investor and made his first startup investment in 2009. He became new face and body of calvin klein in early 2015. He has bandwagoned four frangrancer as of 2014. Before his first arrest he suffered some legal issues. He was arrested in Miami Beach florida together with a singer khalil on suspicion of driving under influence because of driving with an over six month expired license. He had drunk that time and smoked intoxication taken prescribed drugs. He broke the heart of so many girls because from 2010 he started dating gorgeous Salena Gomez. It was not easy for salena to be Justin girlfriend.

Moreover, he is very well known vocalist in all over the world and he is also inspiration of upcoming stars. He is most wanted personality in social media because according to him interconnections launched his starting profession, without you tube and network he would not have got the opportunity to put his video and tracks out there public. He is active on all social websites like twitter, youtube facebook instagram and so on and his fan followers are expanding day by day. He has above 18 millions followers on twitter. Most of the young girls are doing massages to him and they are crazier about his singing and his dashing look. He has become an international vocalist in very short period and his all tracks are made first choice in youth.

In my opinion, he is a very hard working person who cares about people choice or need. He taught all musical instruments on his own basis and still improving himself singing and dance lessons. He never gives up in whole of his life and always does best for his profession. He donates his time and money to foundation and always helps to people. I really enjoy his songs but also appreciate and admire him for all his hard way to improve himself and help others. His all collection is available on different musical sites and we can download his tracks on our mobile as well as computer also with the help of internet. If anyone wants to talk and get updates regarding him then you can follow him on social sites and easily interact to him.